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What is mindful yoga and meditation? And why is it a successful tool for working with anxiety?

Clients often ask me why and how mindful movement works for soothing their anxiety. It's good question which science has been catching up with. Essentially, mindful yoga and meditation use movement, words and visuals to direct your attention to an action, object, person, idea or stimulus. Simply put, that attention training, over time, helps you to lower your anxiety levels as you are more able ...

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On 13 May 2021

Plymouths First Donation Based Yoga Therapy Course

During the months of October and November 2017 a yoga therapy course was run in a Plymouth Community Centre. The results have been hailed a success, attendance overall was 87%. The age range was between 18 and 69.   Initial health complaints included: Arthritis in shoulder/shoulder pain from tear Lower back and lumbar pain Intermittent depression Fibromyalgia Asthma Sciatica Poor ...

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On 12 December 2016