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About skinnibuddha CIC

skinnibuddha provides professional Yoga Therapy in and around Plymouth.

Offering you small group yoga therapy and personal one to one yoga therapy for specific conditions.

Specialist yoga therapy workshops and training days for professionals and patients

We have extended experience in treating addictions, arthritis, back pain, hip pain, auto immune disorders, hormone imabalaces, chest illnesses, sports injuries, pre and post surgery, stress, anxiety, depression and 165 other conditions.  See our website for the different conditions we treat.

Specialist treatment plans.  Discounts for block bookings.  Video support and ongoing long distance treatment plans available via zoom/email. 

skinnibuddha is a Certified and practising Yoga Therapist by Paramanand University in Indore, Madya Pradesh, India. 

Some of our programmes are paid on a donation basis (paying what you want). In this way you get to access and experience the yoga therapy healthcare system for a low cost and hopefully will begin to feel the benefits very soon.

Our pilot study in Plymouth during 2016 led to some incredible results.  Those suffering from back pain, shoulder pain, depression and auto immune discorders began to have this illnesses completely removed from them.  Check out the results of our pilot study on our website.

See why skinnibuddha yoga became a SECTOR SUCCESS STORY for Community Yoga Practice

we maintain high standards and rigourously have ongoing training and mentoring with Yoga Doctors from India. 


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Plymouths First Donation Based Yoga Therapy Course

During the months of October and November 2017 a yoga therapy course was run in a Plymouth Community Centre. The results have been hailed a success, attendance overall was 87%. The age range was between...

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skinnibuddha CIC

45 Hotham Place Plymouth PL15NF
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