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In 2013 I set up [skinnibuddha] to provide yoga, yoga therapy and holistic education.

It started back in 1994 when I began a meditation course with Thai buddhist monks.

Then in 2005 I developed a regular yoga practice.  This was partly to get healthier but to also overcome my own personal traumas at the time.  Since then I have found the personal therapeutic benefits to help overcome personal problems, both physical and emotional. 

Beginning in 2012 I trained with various organisations in UK and India to get certified as a Yoga Therapist.  I have even presented at the International Yoga Therapist Conference in Indore, India and have supported KRIPA foundation, India in their Yoga Therapy deaddiction programme.

I have worked with medicinal plant doctors in Central America, and trained in Ayurveda in India. To benefit fully I incorporate diet and natural treatment advice where possible.  By doing this I can provide each client with a personal, tailor-made approach to deal with specific ailments.

In 2012 [skinnibuddha] helped to set up London’s first donation based yoga studio, in Oxford Street.  Now I am bringing the idea to Plymouth.  Having been based in Plymouth for 16 years

Now I have teamed up with Devonport Live to provide Plymouth residents with 8 week beginner friendly yoga therapy courses which aim to alleviate lower back pain. The course also targets the management of diabetes, low mood, headaches, asthma, sciatica, fibromyalgia and other ailments.

This is a unique opportunity to try out some of the evidence based techniques which can develop healthier posture and reduce suffering of these conditions.  Over the 8 sessions you will learn and practice a variety of yoga techniques to help promote your health and wellbeing. The classes are beginner friendly, gentle and motivational.

Such ailments as back pain, low mood and diabetes management can seriously effect an individuals lifestyle.  Normally such therapy sessions  can be anywhere from £20-£60 per hour due to the specialist knowledge needed to provide attendees with safe and effective methods to reduce and manage painful conditions.  However you can attend this course by paying what you want. In this way you get to access and experience various systems for a low cost and hopefully will begin to feel the benefits very soon.





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